About Civitas

Welcome to Civitas

During the history of Hungary, the word “civitas” has been
associated with free cities and communities of free people for nearly 900
years. We have chosen this historical European name for our Institute because
we believe that democracy can only be operated by free and independent people.

Civitas Institute is a European knowledge centre created for
the purpose of promoting European democracy and European integration through
analyses and debates in the broadest possible societal groups, without
ideological bias but with a firm belief in pluralistic democracy and freedom.

We aim to help citizens and leaders at all levels by
organizing debates and asking questions so that they could make informed
decisions supported by analyses and data. We wish to provide a platform and
assistance for our partners, the affected stakeholders and citizens for debate
and cooperation to help them contribute to a better future in Europe, offering
prosperity and the prospect of freedom and happiness for all.

Our institute strives to develop the broadest possible
partnerships with European and non-European partners who have similar goals and
share our principles of objective argumentation of conducting debates based on facts,
independent research and cooperation rooted in mutual respect.


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