Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

Business, Marketing, and political strategic advising are key areas of general management consulting, as the foundation of outstanding performance is prudent planning. We aim to redefine social science discourses along the lines that the Institute and the scientific public opinion deem important. We would also like to help the preparation of long-term cycle-based strategic decisions.

The contents of our strategic consulting are the following:

  • Producing studies and analyses on economic, political and other scientific topics with special detail on individual challenges;
  • Company and organization management, -analysis, -development, -screening, – conversion, -reorganization, -controlling;
  • Search for contacts;
  • The formation of public opinion, with thought-provoking approaches we formulate the themes of Hungarian public discourse on the major issues affecting society;
  • Counselling, management assistance, reviewing applications, best practices, benchmarking courses;
  • Strengthening civic and social relationships

The process of strategic consulting:

  • Pre-decision phrase: designation and collection of data, economic calculations, economic analysis;
  • Implementation phase: continuous analysis of the information on the state of implementation, operational analysis
  • Follow-up phase: analysis of the actual results, comparisons, breakdown of factors, revision analysis
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