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Zoltán Kész
Director Of Operations

A former teacher, sports commentator and the honorary president of the Free Market Foundation. As a Fulbright scholar, he taught American History in California. He entered politics as independent in 2015 when he defeated the Fidesz candidate at a by-election, ending the 2/3 majority of the ruling party. He is actively working now to help independent media outlets in Hungary and laying the groundwork for a fair and free election in the country. His motto is: “The opposite of populism is taking responsibility.”

Balázs Csekő
Director of Communications, editor-in-chief

He studied political science at Vienna University, University of Granada and University of Havana, receiving a Master of Arts degree in political science from Vienna University (2012). He did a research at University of Miami on “The Cuban Exile Lobby in the USA and Its Influence on US Foreign Policy”. He has contributed to The Telegraph, BBC World Service, Der Standard, Die Presse, Wiener Zeitung and many other international media outlets. He is a United States Department of State Certificate of Appreciation holder.

JAred Feldschreiber
Analyst, Journalist

Jared Felschreiber has been a working journalist for over a decade, and has varied experiences in all facets of reporting, geopolitical analyses, in addition to arts reviews. Jared worked in the film industry in Los Angeles and in New York City. We can say he is a bonafide ‘cineaste’ which helped to generate many of the themes in his novella, Reckless Abandon. Since 2013 he is a freelance journalist, working for major international media outlets, like Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, HuffPost, International Policy Digest. He has a keen understanding on security and diplomacy issues. Having worked as a media-accredited journalist at the United Nations, he also holds an MA in Security and Diplomacy, earned at Tel Aviv University.

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